• This card can be the absolute destruction of an unprepared Beatdown Deck.
  • Increase the ATK or DEF of this card to 1900 so your opponent cannot destroy it in battle. "Horn of Light" or "Axe of Despair" would be great because if your opponent destroys them you can return them to the top of your deck.
  • This card works wonders for stall decks. Unlike, say, "Marshmallon", your other monsters cannot be destroyed by battle either, as long as they are strong enough. and if you are trying to stall for an instant win, you won't want to attack for fear of traps like "Mirror Force" or "Magic Cylinder", so you can bring out several strong monsters over time. Another way to use this card would be to put it in a beatdown deck, fill the other slots with powerful monsters, then tribute this card, negating it's effect and letting you dish out massive damage.
  • Equip "Mermaid Archer" to this card to prevent it from being destroyed by a monster which has ATK points fewer than 1900.

Traditional Format

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