• Besides gaining support from the "Super Defense Robot" archetype (as well as some "Gimmick Puppet" monsters), there are powerful Level 8 Machines that can be summoned easily, including "Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon", which is the strongest "Ancient Gear" monster that can be Special Summoned with a destroyed "Geartown".
    • As for other Level 8 Machines, Such as "Ancient Gear Golem", they can easily be summoned via banishing "Amarylease" from your Graveyard (in an optional combination with "Star Blast"), or with "Chronomaly Mayan Machine", or, in "Super Defense Robot Elephan's" case, using "Giant Rat" to Summon it from the Main Deck.
    • In fact, you can use "Giant Rat" for summoning a few other "Super Defense Robot"/"Gimmick Puppet" monsters, as well as "Chronomaly Mayan Machine".
  • You can take advantage of some Level 8 Machine Monsters' powerful card effects, like "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" or "Armoroid", prior to using them as Xyz materials.
  • Use "Galaxy Queen's Light" if you have any Level 8 Machine monsters to change the Levels of all your other different-Level Machine monsters to 8, easing the Summoning requirements for this card.
  • If you have a Deck with many Level 8 Machine monsters and you already have a Level 8 Machine on your field, you can use "Xyz Reception" to Special Summon another level 8 Machine to the field for an easy Xyz Summon for "Googly-Eyes", or any other eligible Rank 8 Xyz card. Beware, though, that the Special Summon effect does not work on "Ancient Gear Golem"; It's best to use "Xyz Reception" by selecting an "Ancient Gear Golem" already on your side of the field, and Special Summon another level 8 Machine.


  • Level 8 Machine monsters that can be used as Xyz Material:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
ABC-Dragon BusterABC-ドラゴン・バスターFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Ally of Justice Cosmic GatewayA・O・J コズミック・クローザーEffect MonsterDARK24001200
Ally of Justice Light GazerA・O・J ライト・ゲイザーSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Ally of Justice Thunder ArmorA・O・J サンダー・アーマーEffect MonsterDARK27002200
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon古代の機械巨竜Effect MonsterEARTH30002000
Ancient Gear Golem古代の機械巨人Effect MonsterEARTH30003000
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound古代の機械巨人-アルティメット・パウンドEffect MonsterEARTH30003000
Ancient Gear Howitzer古代の機械魔神Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
ArmoroidアーマロイドガイデンゴーEffect MonsterEARTH27002000
B.E.S. Big Core MK-3巨大戦艦 ビッグ・コアMk-ⅢEffect MonsterLIGHT27001900
... further results (42 more)