• Once activated, it is best to send this card to the Graveyard before it resolves, so that it can count itself for an additional drawn card.
    • This can be accomplished via cards like "Emergency Provisions", "Scrubbed Raid", "Full House", etc.
      • With cards capable of sending multiple cards to the Graveyard (like "Emergency Provisions" and "Full House"), this combo is more effective when used with multiple copies of this activated card in the same Chain - for a maximum yield of 12 drawn cards.
  • An alternative way of capitalizing on this card's effect is by sending 1 or 2 copies of this card to the Graveyard first, since activating this card with no other copies in the Graveyard yields a net loss of 1 card (1 drawn card vs. the activated copy and the card returned to the Deck).
  • "Trap of Darkness" can combo well with this card, but only with more copies of this card in the Graveyard. Multiple copies of "Trap of Darkness" become less effective with this card, since this card is banished when that Trap Card resolves.
  • "Thunder Dragon" can combo well with this card, even when no copies of this card are in the Graveyard yet. Assuming the effect of "Thunder Dragon" is used first to add 2 more copies to the hand, this card can return 1 of those copies to the Deck, whereupon the effect of the remaining "Thunder Dragon" in the hand can be used to retrieve that card.
    • This card also solves the potential dilemma of drawing 2 or 3 copies of "Thunder Dragon" before having the chance to use one copy's effect.

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