• You can use "Skull Lair" to banish multiple monster cards in your Graveyard to increase "Golden Homunculus's" ATK while destroying a few face-up monsters in the process.
  • Use "Big Burn" when your opponent attempts to reborn a card. Then, use "Golden Homunculus" and "D.D. Dynamite" to finish them off.
  • "Gren Maju Da Eiza" has more ATK than this card when there are more than 15 cards banished, so if you think you will be banishing those 15 cards, you might consider using it instead.
  • You could easily side deck this card in case of a Macro Mill Deck, which generally focuses primarily on banishing cards and using "Necroface" to mill each players deck. By including this card, you can counter the deck because of the amount of cards that you'll have banish.
  • Members of the "Fairy Tail" Archetype would provide strong support for this card.

Traditional Format

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