• "Gogogo Goram" is the best Gogogo monster to Summon this card, as it has the highest ATK of all the Gogogo monsters (2300) and will give this card 4600 ATK, enabling you to use the negation effect three times unless you give it more ATK with other effects. Alternatively, You can Tribute "Number 55: Gogogo Goliath" preferably after it exhausted its Materials, to give this card 4800 ATK.

Traditional Format


  • "Gogogo" monsters sorted by ATK:
 Primary typeTypeAttributeStarsATKDEF
Number 55: Gogogo GoliathXyz MonsterRockEARTH424001200
Gogogo GoramEffect MonsterRockEARTH423000
Gogogo GiantEffect MonsterRockEARTH420000
Gogogo GhostEffect MonsterZombieDARK419000
Gogogo GolemEffect MonsterRockEARTH418001500
Gogogo GigasEffect MonsterRockEARTH402200
Gogogo Aristera & DexiaEffect MonsterRockEARTH402200

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