• If you have "Final Attack Orders" on the field, the newly summoned Gogogo monster and "Gogogo Giant" will both be in Attack Position, allowing you to attack with both monsters before Xyz Summoning with them.
  • When this card attacks and goes into defense position, you can use "Prevention Star" so that a powerful monster on the other side of the field cannot attack, all in one turn.
  • This card can start a combo where you summon 4 Gogogo monsters in one turn. Normal Summon this card from your hand and then you can summon the other 3 from the Graveyard one by one in order using their effects: "Ghost", "Golem" and "Gigas". Then you can Xyz summon 2 rank 4 monsters each with 2 materials or 1 rank 4 xyz monster which requires 3-4 materials.

Traditional Format

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