• Level 5 or higher "Gladiator Beast" monsters that can be used as Fusion Material:
 Primary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Gladiator Beast AlexanderEffect MonsterBeastLIGHT62400600
Gladiator Beast AndabataFusion MonsterBeast-WarriorDARK810002800
Gladiator Beast AugustusEffect MonsterWinged BeastDARK826001000
Gladiator Beast EssedariiFusion MonsterBeastEARTH525001400
Gladiator Beast GaiodiazFusion MonsterDinosaurDARK726001500
Gladiator Beast GyzarusFusion MonsterWinged BeastDARK624001500
Gladiator Beast HeraklinosFusion MonsterBeast-WarriorFIRE830002800
Gladiator Beast NerokiusFusion MonsterWinged BeastDARK828001900
Gladiator Beast NoxiousEffect MonsterBeast-WarriorDARK501000
Gladiator Beast OctaviusEffect MonsterWinged BeastLIGHT725001200
Gladiator Beast SpartacusEffect MonsterDinosaurEARTH522001600

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