• This card works well in a Dinosaur Deck, as it allows you to summon a high-Level Dinosaur in the first turn.
  • Use this card's effect on the first turn because your opponent will not have any cards in their Graveyard.
  • This card is ideal for a "Macro Cosmos" Deck, as your opponent will likely have no monsters in his/her Graveyard, and when this card is destroyed, it can further complement the ATK power of "Gren Maju Da Eiza" and "Golden Homunculus".
  • After Special Summoning this card, Tribute it for "Caius the Shadow Monarch", and use his effect to banish the card your opponent just Special Summoned.
  • In a Junk Doppel deck you can easily make level 8 Synchro Monsters by Special Summoning this card, then Normal Summoning "Junk Synchron", bringing out a level 2 monster.
  • If using this card's effect simply to swarm the field, use it with "Gaia Power" or "Milus Radiant" for a 1900 ATK, or, if you use both, for a 2400 ATK beatstick.
  • Use "Soul Release" to take away the best monster cards in your opponents Graveyard before Special Summoning this card.
  • Because of this card's Level and ability to be Special Summoned quickly, two of them can be used for a Rank 3 Xyz Summon.
  • This is especially helpful on your first turn, or if your opponent only has a set monster on their side of the feild.
  • Summon this monster after activating "Skill Drain". You will get the Special Summon without allowing your opponent to summon a monster themselves.

Traditional Format

  • Special Summon this card and then activate "Change of Heart" or "Snatch Steal" to take control of the opponent's monster, because they will probably summon their strongest monster. This combo is often called "Zombie Temptation".