• Use this card to give a card you want your opponent to use.
    • You can banish a second copy of this card to see if your opponent will use it, and if they do, give them your third copy.
    • Alternately, you can give to your opponent cards that would, otherwise, be useless.
  • Banish the received card with "Armageddon Designator" to prevent the opponent from using any additional copies.
  • Use "Mind Crush" or similar cards to immediately discard the card your opponent will get.
    • This can make a good combo with cards whose effect activate when discarded, like "Fabled" and "Dark World" cards, since their effect activate in the Graveyard.
  • Use "Primal Seed" to return your banished card to your hand, while still getting the one from your opponent.
  • You can use "Exchange" to get from your opponent's hand the card that you gave him with this effect.

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