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Traditional Format

  • An obvious advantage this card has is how effective it is against "Starlight Road".
  • Use this card to reclaim cards like "Spellbinding Circle", which might stay uselessly on the field under certain conditions.
  • On the other hand, this card can return the opponent's lethal cards on the field to their hand during your turn, which means you can return cards such as "Mirror Force" and "Sakuretsu Armor". Its most infamous use is as a tool to clear the opponent's Spell/Trap Card zone, to prepare for one of the OTK's you can use.
    • You can get rid of the Spells/Traps your opponent had played and a good chunk of their Deck by following up "Giant Trunade" with "Card Destruction". This works especially well as it has the potential to deal 12 cards worth of discard. You can also use "Morphing Jar", it works perfect if you don't have cards in your hand, so your opponent loses all the cards in their hand, Spell/Trap Cards and you both will draw 5 cards from the Deck.
  • Use "Giant Trunade" in "Crystal Beast" Decks in order to restock your hand full with the "Crystal Beast" monsters that were sent to your Spell & Trap Zone to open up space as well as restock your hand to give you a fresh line of defenses.
  • Use "Giant Trunade" to return cards such as "Future Fusion" to your hand for a second use. This is particularly useful with Decks that require monsters in the Graveyard, such as the "Cyberdark" series. Use "Future Fusion" to send five Dragons to the Graveyard and wait two turns for "Five-Headed Dragon" to appear and then use "Giant Trunade". Not only does this send "Five-Headed Dragon" to the Graveyard, it also gives you the means to Summon "Cyberdark Dragon" in a couple of rounds to absorb "Five-Headed Dragon", automatically giving your Fusion Monster an ATK of 6800 when counting the necessary Fusion Material involved. Additionally, using "Giant Trunade" with regular "Cyberdark" cards can give you a full hand of Dragons that had been sent to the Graveyard, meaning you can reactivate their effects. You can also use the monsters returned to summon "Montage Dragon" with a decent ATK.
  • Use this card to return and replay Spells that remain on the field after activation.
    • Use this card in a Spell Counter Deck to return Spells that remain on the field, then activate them again to gain lots of Spell Counters. Monsters will also gain Spell Counters for the activation of "Giant Truande" itself.
  • Use this card to return "Toon World" to your hand so that your Toon monsters are not destroyed when "Toon World" is destroyed.
  • Use this card's effect in an "Ojama" Deck, in order to activate the effect of "Ojama Country" twice in the same turn.
  • Use this card in a combo with "Spell Reclamation" and "Gravity Bind", so that your opponent cannot attack with monsters Level 4 or higher, but you can. This has the added bonus of clearing your opponent's backfield so they can't use their own attack-stopping Spells or Traps.
  • While your opponent controls the monster with the highest ATK on the field, you can activate this card in combination with "Pole Position" to destroy that monster.
  • Use this card to clear the field of all Spell & Traps for one turn and see if you can aim for an OTK.
  • Use to card to return Field Spell Cards to players hands, which causes "Earthbound Immortal" and some "Malefic" monsters to destroy themselves with their own effects.

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