• You can Set this card, then activate "Creature Swap" or "Mystic Box". Then, if you manage to flip this card face-up by a card effect or an attack, this card will destroy itself after damage calculation and your opponent will take damage from its effect.
    • You can also activate either of those Spell Cards after successfully resolving "The Shallow Grave".
  • If you control a face-up non-Xyz Monster, combo this card with "Give and Take", which will inflict damage to your opponent if "Kozaky" isn't on the field.
    • Also, if your Life Points are 3000 or less, "Trap of Darkness" can be used to immediately reuse the effect of "Give and Take" at the cost of banishing the targeted "Give and Take" in your Graveyard. Cards like "Wall of Revealing Light" can be used to pay Life Points to meet that activation condition easily.
    • "Bone Temple Block" can also work, but your opponent may pick another monster in your Graveyard to Special Summon, if there are other options.

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