• Use this card's effect when your opponent attacks directly while you control a "Ghostrick" Field Spell Card.
  • Summoning "Ghostrick Jiangshi" with this card will let you search out another copy of it for your next turn.
  • Use this effect when your "Ghostrick Alucard" or "Ghostrick Dullahan" was destroyed by battle and you got damage from that. Not only you can Summon another "Ghostrick" monster, you can get this card back from the Graveyard by using the effect of that Xyz Monster.
  • Summon "Ghostrick Yuki-onna" via this card's effect to set it up to block an attack, especially if the opponent still has one attack left with a powerful monster, which will, in turn, force that monster into a permanent face-down position.
  • You can activate this card alongside "Ghostrick Specter" and "Ghostrick Break", should you have taken damage from an Attack Position "Ghostrick" monster being destroyed by battle, effectively swarming the field with 4 Monsters, including 1 "Ghostrick Specter", 2 "Ghostricks" from your Graveyard, and 1 "Ghostrick" from your Deck.

Traditional Format

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