• It's most likely always going to have at least 1200 ATK because it also counts itself as a "Ghostrick" card, unless its effect is somehow negated.
    • Keep in mind it says "Ghostrick" card, not just "Ghostrick" monsters, so it would also get a bonus from any face-up "Ghostrick" Spell/Trap Cards.
  • Combo this card with "Ghostrick Socuteboss". Activate Dullahan's effect first, and now because a monster's ATK is lowered, activate "Socuteboss"'s effect.
  • After this card has used up its Xyz Materials, gain more use out of it by Xyz Summoning "Downerd Magician" with it. Once "Downerd Magician" detaches this card by its own effect, or if it is destroyed, that will trigger this card's last effect.

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