• Given the proper hand - including "Ghostrick Jiangshi", "Ghostrick Mummy" and this card - you can set up a combo for "Ghostrick Skeleton". Set "Ghostrick Jiangshi" - if your opponent attacks, a Level 1 Ghostrick monster, one that is appropriate to keeping a monster on your field - then, next turn, flip whatever monster you have so that you can summon "Ghostrick Mummy" and, in turn, set "Ghostrick Doll"; if you can, flip "Ghostrick Doll" with the effect of "Ghostrick-Go-Round" or "Ghostrick Scare", although this isn't necessary. Whenever "Ghostrick Doll" is flipped face-up, use her effect to set "Ghostrick Skeleton" (activating "Ghostrick Scare" here is also viable).
  • Use alongside "Ghostrick Warwolf" to inflict quite a bit of damage, depending on how many cards were flipped face-down.

Traditional Format

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