• Combine with "Imperial Iron Wall" to ensure that your opponent's cards will be going to the Graveyard and not the Banished Zone (especially against "Chaos" Decks).
    • Adding "Necrovalley" will make sure that your opponent's cards won't be leaving the Graveyard easily either.
  • Combines well with "Reptilianne" Decks, as well as any Deck that works with crippling the opponent's stats.
  • This card can be a great counter to Decks that send a lot of cards to their Graveyard, such as "Frogs", "Lightsworn" and "Sylvan" Decks.
    • The same applies against any kind of self-milling or Graveyard-reliant Deck.
  • This card helps punish Spell/Trap-heavy Decks, like "Spell Counter" or "Spellbook" Decks, as they rely on recovering and reusing their Spell Cards.
  • Combo this card with "Battle Mania" to inflict heavy battle damage.
  • This card works well with cards that negates Summons,like "Solemn Warning".It's likely that your opponent will try to use their affected monsters to Summon another one sometimes
  • This card is a great defense against monsters that benefit from having more cards in the Graveyard like "Cyberdark Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon".

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