• If you use more than one non-Tuner monster to Summon this card, keep in mind that it CAN have several of its effects at once (e.g. you could use both the LIGHT and EARTH effects).
  • You can use this card quite well in a Worm Deck due to its ability to set LIGHT monsters on the field.
  • You can use "Needle Soldier" for an EARTH non-Tuner monster to give "Triforce" Piercing and protection while attacking.
  • This card is good in a Gradius deck because it allows to Set a "DUCKER Mobile Cannon" every turn to recycle any LV4 Monster on the Graveyard.
  • This card can consistantly be Synchro Summoned multiple times using Genex Ally Birdman and Yang Zing-tron. If Birdman is not in your hand, Normal Summon Neutron and add Birdman. Keep Neutron on the field. During your next turn, return Neutron to your hand to Special Summon Birdman and Normal Summon Neutron for the Synchro Summon. Use Triforce's effect to Set him on the field. You can use Genex Ally Chemistrer to change Neutron's Attribute to suit whatever effect you want. You can also use this combination with Genex Ally Remote to Synchro Summon Level 7 monsters that require Genex Controller and again use Chemister to change Neutron's Attribute.

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