• Throwing this in a Ritual deck is a great idea since almost all of your monsters are DARK and this card has enough defense to survive long enough for an offensive Djinn of Rituals to be played to get you a free ticket to getting rid of an annoying monster in the way of your Rituals.
  • "Genex Ally Crusher" works particularly well alongside the Dark Scorpion archetype, "Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn" in particular. "Crusher's" effect allows the field to be cleared to easily trigger the Scorpions' battle damage effect's, and "Maenae's" effect to put other Dark Scorpions in your hand ensures you will have lots of ammunition for this card.
  • When you have "DNA Transplant" active on the field it will allow you to trigger "Genex Ally Crusher's" effect with every monster you summon, regardless of their original attribute. This is because the attribute of the monster you summon is switched for the declared one the moment it's summoned and because "Genex Ally Crusher" also has that attribute (thanks to "DNA Transplant") you can activate his effect.

Traditional Format

  • Use "Ultimate Offering" to summon two "Genex Ally Crushers" in the same turn (in addition to another monster(s)), which will in turn allow you to clear much of your opponent's field.

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