• If your opponent hasn't triggered this by the turn after you set it, don't be afraid to do it yourself if you have a lot of monsters on your side of the field. Suicide attacking with one of your Gemini monsters will trigger the trap and let the rest of your monsters in for massive damage.
    • You can get a massive amount of Gemini monsters on the field with proper use of cards like "Return from the Different Dimension", possibly use "Unleash Your Power!" to activate all your Gemini monsters and cut loose with a serious beatdown by self-triggering as stated above.
    • "Magical Reflect Slime" can be a vicious way to self-trigger this card.
    • Summon a gemini monster and equip it with "Supervise". Then attack a stronger monster your opponent controls with it. When your gemini is destroyed you can destroy all of your opponents monsters with this card. "Supervise" revives the gemini you just used as a pawn so you can attack once again with it.

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