• As the "Gem-Knight" archetype has no LIGHT monsters, Fusion Summoning this card requires the use of monsters outside the archetype. Here are some options to consider:
    • You can activate "Super Polymerization" and use your opponent's LIGHT monster as Fusion Material to Fusion Summon this card. Note that "Super Polymerization" is currently Forbidden in the TCG Advanced Format.
    • As a staple that is splashed into several decks, "Effect Veiler" is a viable Fusion Material for this card.
    • As a LIGHT Thunder-Type monster, "Thunder Dragon" can be used as a Fusion Material for both this card and "Gem-Knight Prismaura". "Vylon Prism" is another monster with this characteristic, and if it is in the Graveyard, can be equipped to the newly Summoned Fusion Monster for a sizable ATK increase when that monster battles.
    • In addition to being a LIGHT monster and potential Fusion Material for this card, "Elemental HERO Prisma" can be used to thin the deck with its effect by sending "Gem-Knight" Normal Monsters that are specifically listed as Fusion Materials on "Gem-Knight" Fusion Monsters from the Deck to the Graveyard, reducing the chance that you might dead draw them. The sent "Gem-Knight" Normal Monsters can later be banished to retrieve "Gem-Knight Fusion" from the Graveyard or as Fusion Materials for a Fusion Monster Fusion Summoned via "Fragment Fusion". "Crystal Rose", a "Gem-Knight" support card, can also fulfill this role, however, it is less restricted than "Prisma" in that it can send any "Gem-Knight" monster from the hand or Deck to the Graveyard.
  • This card can greatly assist the Gemini "Gem-Knights".
  • Use "Scroll of Bewitchment" to change the Attribute of a monster you control to LIGHT to aid in this card's Fusion Summon.