• Despite having a fairly strong ATK, protection is still recommended, so a List of Xyz Monster support cards would be helpful for this card. Also, it's best not to waste those Xyz Material Monsters.
    • This card is a good option to use "Utopian Aura" since in most cases it won't make any difference if it has Xyz Material Monsters or not.
      • This card is also a good option to use with "Xyz Gift" if you control 2 "Gem-Knight Pearl".
  • Focusing a deck around this card combined with "Gravity Bind" and "Skill Drain" makes it hard to defeat this monster while it's on the field, except if your opponent plays one, too. This is made even more effective with Xyz Monster support cards.
  • This card can easily combine with "Blue-Blooded Oni", due to this card's lack of drawback.
  • It is not recommended to run more than 1 of this card in your Extra Deck, Rather than Xyz Summoning a 2nd copy of this card, Summon "Daigusto Emeral" instead and revive the first copy.

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