• This card, with "Gem-Knight Fusion", can allow you to start using the fusions without losing card advantage. You can, for example, Fusion Summon "Gem-Knight Ruby" with this card, and then Special Summon "Gem-Knight Garnet" with this card's effect. Then you can banish this card in the Graveyard to get your "Fusion" back to your hand.
    • If you do this, you spend 3 cards to Summon "Ruby", gain one from its Summon (-3 +1 = -2), gain one monster for the effect of "Obsidian" (-2 +1 = -1), and get your "Fusion" back for banishing "Obsidian" in the grave (-1 +1 = 0).
      • Doing this can net you multiple Fusion Summons per turn.
  • "Gem-Knight Iolite" and this card can quickly generate advantage: Fuse those two into a monster, then select "Iolite" with this card's effect. Gemini Summon "Iolite", using its effect to return this card to your hand, and return "Gem-Knight Fusion" to your hand. Not only you get a +1, if the monster you Summoned is "Gem-Knight Aquamarine", you will also bounce a monster to your opponent's hand.
  • Discard this card for the effect of "Snipe Hunter", then revive a Level 4 monster and Xyz Summon.
  • This card is ideal for paying the costs of cards like "Monster Reincarnation" or "Raigeki Break"; even if it's sent to the Graveyard to pay a cost, its effect still activates.

Traditional Format

  • This card can also be searched by "Last Will".


 Japanese nameTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
The 13th Grave13人目の埋葬者ZombieDARK31200900
7 Colored Fishレインボー・フィッシュFishWATER41800800
Abyss Flower深淵に咲く花PlantEARTH2750400
Acid CrawlerアシッドクロウラーInsectEARTH3900700
Acrobat MonkeyアクロバットモンキーMachineEARTH310001800
Alexandrite DragonアレキサンドライドラゴンDragonLIGHT42000100
Alien Hypnoエーリアン・ヒュプノReptileWATER41600700
Alien Shocktrooperエーリアン・ソルジャーReptileEARTH41900800
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