• "Brilliant Fusion" can be used to easily Fusion Summon this card.
    • "Gem-Knight Lazuli" can be used as one of the Fusion Materials, which will trigger its effect and retrieve 1 "Gem-Knight" Normal Monster from the Graveyard to the hand.


  • "Gem-Knight" Fusion Monsters:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Gem-Knight Amethystジェムナイト・アメジスEARTHAqua719502450
Gem-Knight Aquamarineジェムナイト・アクアマリナEARTHAqua614002600
Gem-Knight Citrineジェムナイト・マディラEARTHPyro722001950
Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamondジェムナイトレディ・ブリリアント・ダイヤEARTHRock1034002000
Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuliジェムナイトレディ・ラピスラズリEARTHRock524001000
Gem-Knight Master Diamondジェムナイトマスター・ダイヤEARTHRock929002500
Gem-Knight Prismauraジェムナイト・プリズムオーラEARTHThunder724501400
Gem-Knight Rubyジェムナイト・ルビーズEARTHPyro625001300
Gem-Knight Seraphiniteジェムナイト・セラフィEARTHFairy523001400
Gem-Knight Topazジェムナイト・パーズEARTHThunder618001800
Gem-Knight Zirconiaジェムナイト・ジルコニアEARTHRock829002500

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