• This card works exceptionally well with "Summoner Monk" as long as thereis a "Gem-Knight" monster in your Graveyard. Discard this card for the effect of "Summoner Monk" to Special Summon another "Summoner Monk", then banish a "Gem-Knight" monster to return this card to your hand.
  • After performing a Fusion Summon with this card, use its effect to return it to your hand, then use "Dark Factory of Mass Production" to return the Fusion Materials to your hand, allowing yourself to perform another Fusion.
  • "Magical Hats" can be used to select this card and another card of your choosing to be Special Summoned directly from your Deck onto the field. This is also helpful in that an important "Gem-Knight" monster can be protected while at the same time directly placing this card into the Graveyard.
  • This card can be discarded to the effect of "Gem-Knight Prismaura" to destroy a card, then use this card's recycle effect to repeat the process every turn.