• This card is a valid target for "Fusion Weapon".
    • This is an incredibly strong combination when used with Aquamarine. With 2900 ATK and 4100 DEF, in addition to being a strong beatstick, it will form an incredibly strong wall afterwards to defend you until you're ready to attack again.
  • Summoning this card with "Particle Fusion" can make it stronger. When combined with the above strategy, it can be stronger still.
  • You can use this card with "Shield and Sword"/"Super Crashbug" to turn it into a 2600 ATK Monster without leaving it vulnerable on your opponents turn.
    • You can permanently switch the original ATK and DEF with "Inverse Universe" and activate "D2 Shield" after it switches battle position leaving it with 2600ATK/2800 DEF.
      • Alternatively, you can use "D2 Shield" first then "Inverse Universe" for a 5200ATK/1400DEF. If you're concerned about its DEF, then equip it with "Fusion Weapon" for a higher boost, giving you an almost-unstoppable monster with 6700ATK/2900DEF.
  • Tribute this card for the effect of "Gem-Knight Ruby", and return one of your opponent's monsters to lessen their defense.
  • Use Aquamarine as a fusion material monster using "Gem-Knight Fusion", then when it's send to the grave, use it's effect of return one card to the hand, use the effect of Gem-Knight Fusion to banish aquamarine an then bring it back with D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation to use it again as a fusion material monster and return another card to the hand.

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