• This card can be used as a surprisingly useful counter to "Light and Darkness Dragon". As it's immunity to destruction by battle is a continuous effect, "L&D Dragon" does not negate it. However, this card's secondary effect regarding it's destruction after Life Point damage IS an effect that is negated, allowing the player to chip away at the strength of "L&D" each time they take any form of point damage.
  • Special summon Gellenduo with "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen" and use it as a double tribute for a LIGHT Fairy-Type monster that can't be special summoned, like "White Night Queen". Alternatively, get exactly 4 Fairies in your GY, summon this card with Valhalla, special summon 1 copy of "Archlord Kristya" from your via its own effect, and finally tribute summon another copy of "Kristya" using Gellenduo.
  • Alternatively, you can summon this card with "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen" and use it to tribute summon a high-leveled Fairy-type that you wish to protect with "March of the Monarchs".