• This card alone can Summon a "Gear Gigant X" in the first turn by adding a "Geargiaccelerator" to your hand which can Special Summon itself to the field. The "Gigant X" itself can search another "Geargia" monster to your hand, for example a "Geargiarmor" (or "Geargiarsenal" for deck thinning). Alternatively, this combo can be used outside of dedicated "Geargia" Decks to increase access to Machine-Type monsters in general.
    • The effect of "Gear Gigant X" can also be used to search out another "Geargiauger", to repeat the combo next turn.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeATKDEF
Ancient Gearframe古代の機械素体Effect Monster1600500
ExpressroidエクスプレスロイドEffect Monster4001600
Genex Searcherジェネクス・サーチャーEffect Monster1600400
Machina Gearframeマシンナーズ・ギアフレームEffect MonsterUnion monster18000
SPYRAL GEAR - Last ResortSPYRAL GEAR-ラスト・リゾートEffect Monster10001000
Superheavy Samurai Soulpiercer超重武者装留イワトオシEffect Monster12000

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