• Use this card to summon "Geargiano" (from your hand or graveyard) for a Rank 3 Xyz Monster. If "Geargiano" is still in your deck, summon "Geargiarsenal" and tribute it to get "Geargiano" from the deck.
    • Alternatively, summon "Geargiano Mk-III" and use its effect to summon "Geargiano". You will be able to perform a Rank 3 Xyz Summon using up to three monsters, and/or you can use "Gearigano's" effect to revive another machine type monster in attack mode.
  • Use the effect of "Geargiano Mk-II" to Special Summon the regular "Geargiano", then play "Tannhauser Gate" for an instant Rank 6.
  • Use this card to summon "Geargiaccelerator" or "Geargiagear Gigant XG" from your graveyard for defense. If your opponent destroys this card first you can bring "Geargiano MK-II" back to your hand the moment the other card gets removed from the field. So you can repeat this combo over and over again..Of course you can add "Geargiano Mk-III" to this combo as well. If you allready have a second copy of this card in your graveyard, this combo cannot fail anymore.

Traditional Format

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