• "Mausoleum of the Emperor" and "Star Blast" are economical ways of Summoning this card, since their LP costs essentially mean only an extra 1000 LP is paid for this card's effect (as compared to Summoning this card normally and then using its effect).
  • Monster such as "Dynatherium" and "Gilasaurus" are ideal monsters to use for this card's Tribute Summon, since their effects can provide an additional monster for this card's effect to destroy and banish.
  • Since this card has an original ATK of 0, and its effect drastically reduces one's own LP, it pairs quite well with "Unstable Evolution".
  • Before this card gets sent to the Graveyard by its End Phase effect, it can still be utilized for the cost of cards like "Advance Draw", "Mystik Wok", etc.
  • This card is a good card to banish by the effect of "Phantom of Chaos", since that monster's effect can be made to 'expire' during the End Phase before its gained End Phase effect activates.

Traditional FormatEdit