• Use in a "Helios" Deck which focuses on banishing many cards.
  • If your Graveyard is sealed off with a card like "Masked HERO Dark Law" or "Macro Cosmos", you can place 3 of your "Gandora" monsters in the Graveyard with "Burial from a Different Dimension", and then activate this card's effect, clearing the field and Graveyards, freeing this card to attack directly for an OTK.
  • If any copies of "Necroface" are banished, this card will gain 3000 ATK for each copy.
  • In the event that this card's ATK becomes 0 (such as if its effect is negated or if another effect returns all banished cards), it can be protected with "Zerozerock".
  • Since "Mask Change II" works on monsters with Levels, you can use "Masked HERO Dark Law" to banish several of your opponent's cards.
  • "Pot of Desires" can quickly fill up a player's Banished Zone, with a single activated copy (by either player) increasing this monster's ATK by 3000.
  • You can send two "Gandora" monsters to the Graveyard for this card's Summoning condition in order to to set up for either of its banishing effects.
  • Use "Future Fusion" targeting "Five-Headed Dragon" to dump 5 Dragon-Type monsters including at least 3 "Gandora" monsters.

Traditional Format Edit

  • This card works well in a Dragon Ruler Deck, since the "Adult Rulers" can Special Summon themselves by banishing two of your monsters.