• This card's effect can be mitigated by its owner protecting their other monsters with card effects, such as "Safe Zone" or "Return of the Dragon Lords"(But only while the latter is in the Graveyard).
    • In a Hopeless Dragon Deck, or any Deck that relies on high-Level Tribute Summons, "Hardened Armed Dragon" can be Tributed for its owner's Tribute Summons of other monsters beforehand.
      • In the former case, "Dragon Shield" can be used.
      • Alternatively, "Hardened Armed Dragon" can be used for this card's own Tribute Summon to complement this card's presumably high ATK.
    • "Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon" can be Special Summon to use its effect as a preemptive measure.
  • This card's effect can be less of a loss for its controller's monsters if they have monsters that have effects that "replace" themselves when destroyed, such as "Lightpulsar Dragon".