• Using "Reinforce Truth" on "Hero Kid" before activating this card can get you up to three more high-Level monsters for more high-Rank Xyz Summons, or additional copies of the monster you were going to Xyz Summon.
  • While you have a face up Level 8 monster and at least two monsters you control are Normal Monsters, you can use this card to make them LV 8 to Xyz summon for "Thunder End Dragon".
  • Use with High level "Fortune Lady" monsters to give all other "Fortune Lady" monsters you control a game finishing attack boost.
  • Use in combination with "Tannhauser Gate", to make two of your monsters into level 7 or higher, then make the rest the same level, allowing for potentially multiple high Rank Xyz summons.
  • This card is superior to "Resonance Device" and "Star Light, Star Bright" in every way except for making it impossible to Xyz summon monsters of ranks lower than 7 or multiple Xyz monsters of different ranks.
  • This card works extremely well with "Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth". Use Coelacanth's effect to special summon 4 Lv4 fish monsters. Next use this card to change all of their levels to 7. Next by overlaying the four fish, you can Xyz Summon two "Number 11: Big Eye". "Big Eye" can create huge card advantage for only the mere cost of two cards (this card and the discard from "Coelacanth"). Not to mention the 2 "Big Eye" are 5200 ATK + 2800 of "Coelcanth" = 8000 exactly.
  • If you plan to reduce a monster's level as opposed to raising it, it may be better to take advantage of a higher monster's level by special summoning "Level Eaters". That way this card will raise multiple monsters levels rather than decreasing the really high level of one monster.
  • Combo this card with "Message in a Bottle" in a "Photon" deck to easily summon "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon".
    • If you already control a monster and still have your Normal Summon, you will have 5 monsters on the Field, all Level 8, so will be able to Xyz Summon both "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" and "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon" (or any other Rank 8).
      • In this case, Summon "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" first, since it will negate "Tachyon's" effect if it be Xyz Summoned after it.

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