• Special Summon "Photon Thrasher", Normal Summon "Photon Satellite" and use its effect. Then activate this to Special Summon "Photon Slasher". Now there are 3 Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon.
    • Or another "Photon Satellite" could be Summoned and target either of your monsters (preferably "Satellite", otherwise there well be a monster with 0 ATK during your opponent's turn) and Xyz Summon a Rank 6 monster, like "Photon Strike Bounzer".
  • Alternatively, if a Level 5 or higher "Galaxy" monster is under your control, activate this card, banish the monster Summoned for "D.D. Sprite", Synchro Summon a monster and get back the card you banished next turn


  • Level 5 or higher "Photon" or "Galaxy" monsters:
 Primary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Galaxy KnightEffect MonsterWarriorLIGHT828002600
Galaxy SoldierEffect MonsterMachineLIGHT520000
Galaxy TyrannoEffect MonsterDinosaurLIGHT820000
Galaxy-Eyes Photon DragonEffect MonsterDragonLIGHT830002500
Photon CaesarEffect MonsterWarriorLIGHT820002800
Photon LeoEffect MonsterBeastLIGHT621001100
Photon SlasherEffect MonsterWarriorLIGHT521001000
Photon WyvernEffect MonsterDragonLIGHT725002000
Twin Photon LizardFusion MonsterDragonLIGHT624001000

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