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  • The ATK-gaining effect of this card depends on how many Xyz Materials the Xyz Monster it's battling has. Here's an example of how much ATK power it can obtain:
    • 1 Material = 500 (effect) + 3000 (original) = 3500 ATK
    • 2 Materials = 1000 (effect) + 3000 (original) = 4000 ATK
    • 3 Materials = 1500 (effect) + 3000 (original) = 4500 ATK
    • 4 Materials = 2000 (effect) + 3000 (original) = 5000 ATK
    • 5 Materials = 2500 (effect) + 3000 (original) = 5500 ATK
  • You can use cards to force your opponent's monsters to battle this monster such as "Battle Mania", etc.
  • You can use "Staunch Defender" to respond to your opponent attacking a weaker monster you control, that way you can force all of your opponent's monsters to attack this card thereby banishing them all from play and ending the Battle Phase.
  • Combine this card with "Soul Absorption" to gain 1000 LP each time it battles.
  • This monster can also be used to get rid of monsters who rely on their effects for their ATK or are using Equip Cards, such as "Chimeratech Overdragon", "Power Tool Dragon" and other such cards.
  • Despite it being a lower form, this card can counter "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" as long it is Summoned second or "Neo-Galaxy Eyes" was Summoned without using a "Galaxy-Eyes" as an Xyz Material:
    • If "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" attacks: you can banish both monsters preventing your "Galaxy-Eyes" from being destroyed by battle.
    • If it has as three overlay units, it can gain 1500 attack points which would make it equal to "Neo Galaxy-Eyes".
  • Combo this card with "Chaos Zone" to easily rack up counters for use later.


  • A problem with this card is it's hard to obtain other than by drawing it. This can be solved with "Dragonic Tactics".
  • Getting this card in your hand other than drawing it is a bit of a problem. This can be solved with "Foolish Burial" and "Monster Reincarnation". Send this card to the Graveyard with "Foolish Burial", then use "Monster Reincarnation" to add it to your hand.
  • In a "Hieratic" Deck, this card can be easily Special Summoned by the effect of "Hieratic Dragon King of Atum". In addition, the downside of having 0 ATK will be remedied by this card's effect after returning to the field.
    • Also, you can use "Dragonic Tactics" along with two "Hieratic Dragons" to get "Galaxy-Eyes", and use the effect of both dragons to Special Summon two "Seals" and overlay for "Neo-Galaxy Eyes".
  • Use "Rescue Rabbit" to Special Summon two copies of "Alexandrite Dragons" from your deck to Special Summon this card from your hand.
    • Alternately, you can combine the above two tips, using "Rescue Rabbit" to Special Summon two copies of "Alexandrite Dragons" from your Deck, then use "Dragonic Tactics" to Special Summon this card from your Deck.
  • This card works very well with powerful monsters whose effects change them to Defense Position after they attack (like "Photon Crusher", "Goblin Attack Force", "Axe Dragonute", etc). Since most of them have low DEF, they can easily be destroyed by battle after an attack. Tribute them for this card to get a better defense.
  • You can also get this out easily by Summoning a card such as "Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth" and use "Battle Waltz" to duplicate it, have two high ATK beatsticks, deal some damage, and then Tribute those to Summon him.
  • This card can easily be Summoned by "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" and "King Dragun".
    • You can use "Trade-In" with this card, then revive it using the former's effect.
    • "Lord of D."/"King Dragun" can protect this card from being targeted by card effects.
    • However, if "Lord of D." is face-up on the field, this card cannot use its banishing effect.
  • You can easily Special Summon this card by Summoning a "Cyber Dragon", then Normal Summoning a Level 4 or lower monster with 2000 or more ATK like "Gene-Warped Warwolf".
  • Note that this card says it can be Special Summoned with its effect, but you can still Tribute Summon it. Try using "Kaiser Sea Horse", "Totem Dragon" and "The First Monarch" for an easy one Tribute Summon.
    • Remember "Hardened Armed Dragon" isn't recommended because using this card's banishing effect will make it lose the immunity effect that "Hardened Armed Dragon" gave it, plus this card is able to protect itself from some destruction effects with its own effect.
  • Tribute "Dandylion" to Summon "Cybernetic Magician", and use its effect to make the "Fluff Tokens" have 2000 ATK in order to Special Summon this card, and gain two powerful monsters.
  • Special Summon "The Tricky" and then Normal Summon a monster that has 2000 or more ATK like "Alexandrite Dragon" or "Gene-Warped Warwolf", deal some damage and then Special Summon this card.
  • You can fuse two of this card into "Twin Photon Lizard", then Tribute itself for its effect, Special Summoning both copies in one turn. This only works if both copies are in the Graveyard, however.
  • The effect of "Photon Thrasher" can help Summon this card, as long as you can Normal Summon any monster with 2000 or more ATK.
  • If your opponent has a monster on the field, you can special summon "Cyber Dragon", then Normal Summon "Proto-Cyber Dragon", activate "Photon Booster" and target "Proto-Cyber Dragon", then you can Tribute both "Cyber Dragons" to Special Summon this card.
  • You can use a single "Photon Sabre Tiger" that is set and one more 2000+ ATK monster to Special Summon this card. Since "Photon Sabre Tiger" is set, it does not lose 800 due to its effect, even if it's the only one on the field.


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