• Equip This card with "Magnum Shield", it can attack twice with 3500 ATK or protect your monsters with 3500 DEF.
  • When Xyz Summoning this card, use "Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword" and/or "Express Train Trolley Olley" for a 1000/800 point boost upon summoning. If you use both, then that'll give "Gagaga Samurai" a respectable 3700 ATK with double attack capabilities.
    • Combine the above two strategies together for a nigh-unstoppable 5300 point bruiser.
    • Throw in a "Xyz Unit" to pretty much wipe out your opponent's forces and a sizeable chunk of their Life Points.
  • Combine this card with "Hi-Five the Sky" to grant it three attacks in one turn.
  • If you can control this card and "Gagaga Cowboy" and use the effects of both on the same turn, you will have a 3000-ATK monster that can attack an opponent's monster twice.

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