• Generally, this card can attack monsters with ATKs that are up to 3000 ATK without any disturbance.
  • With "Assault Armor", this card can attack twice and still apply its effect on two monsters.
  • Against an opponent with low Life Points who has all defensive monsters you can't attack through, the second effect of this card is an excellent way to finish them off.
  • When Xyz Summoning this card, a good idea is to use "Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword" as one of its Xyz Materials, so it'll already be at 2500 ATK points even before using its effect. That way, when using its first effect, it'll become a 3500 point powerhouse, making it hard to beat.
    • Another option is to use "Xyz Unit" for an 800 ATK point boost, as well as granting it another Xyz Material in the process.
    • "Express Train Trolley Olley" is another option as, like "Extra Sword" it grants "Gagaga Cowboy" a permanent 800 point boost when used for an Xyz Summon.
      • If possible, use both "Trolley Olley" and "Extra Sword" for an 1800 point boost, giving it a grand total of 3300 ATK without using its ability.
  • This card has good synergy with "Hi-Five the Sky", since it will enable it to attack again, which will allow it to use its attack gaining ability on a second attack without using another Xyz Material.

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