• Use "Morphtronic Remoten" to remove Morphtronics in your Graveyard and add new ones from your deck to your hand, then discard them to boost Gadget Hauler's attack. You can do this once per turn as long as you have the Morphtronics left in your deck.
  • This card's use in a Morphtronic deck is debatable at best, since Morphtronics are at their strongest when they support one another on the field, and this card is too weak for its level to justify using it unless you have many Morphtronic monsters in your hand. However, it is also the only monster in the Archetype capable of boosting its own ATK to high amounts, so if you have a need to have a strong single monster on the field this card can still be useful.

Traditional Format

This card can be searched by "Last Will".

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