• Be wary of powerful cards your opponent might use that are required to return to the Deck or Extra Deck. Of the Gladiator Beasts, only "Octavius" will benefit from not returning to the deck. If you are fighting "Neo-Spacians", do not summon this card if "Neos Force" or a Neos Fusion is on the field.
  • Use this card to keep your Neos Fusion monsters on the field if you don't have a "Neo Space" out. If you want to Contact Fuse another monster, you can use "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" to temporarily banish it from the field.
    • However, be careful on the timing on the card play as well. Play "G.B. Hunter" too soon and you'll be forbidden from using your contact fusions as well.
  • This card can prevent the "Timelords" from returning to the Deck.
  • If you can Special Summon this card during your opponent's turn and keep it on the field until the End Phase, its effect can negate the major drawback of "A Wild Monster Appears!", allowing the likely high-Level monster you Special Summoned to remain on the field.

Traditional Format

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