• This is a much better choice for Psychic-oriented Decks rather then "Solidarity" for two reasons:
    • It has the potential to give your monsters more ATK boost. Banishing the high-level monsters like "Ultimate Axon Kicker" will give even your weakest monsters a massive Attack boost.
    • It still allows you to run any tech monsters of your choice, despite the different Types, while "Solidarity" restricts your choices of your monster Type to be played (in this case, Psychic-type)
  • This card can be very useful in "Gusto" Deck, because all "Gusto" Synchro Monster and half of the non-Synchro Monster in this archetype are Psychic-Type, so you can banish high level Psychic-Type Gusto monsters such like "Daigusto Eguls" (1400 ATK Boost) or "Windaar, Sage of Gusto" (1200 ATK boost) in order to compensate the low ATK of all Psychic-Type Gusto monsters. You can also use "Brain Hazard" afterwards for bringing out the monster that was banished earlier via this card's effect, or use "Genetic Woman" to bring back the monster to your hand instead.

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