• Note that this card only restricts yourself from activating monster effects, and as such, it can be used to search out a Pendulum Monster such as "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", and then activate it in the same turn as a Pendulum Scale to use its Pendulum Effect.


  • Main Deck monsters that are listed as Material by a Fusion Monster.
 Fusion Material for
A-Assault CoreABC-Dragon Buster
Aleister the InvokerInvoked Caliga
Invoked Cocytus
Invoked Magellanica
Invoked Mechaba
Invoked Purgatrio
Invoked Raidjin
Alligator's SwordAlligator's Sword Dragon
Amazon of the SeasAqua Dragon
Man-eating Black Shark
Amazoness QueenAmazoness Empress
Amazoness TigerAmazoness Pet Liger
AmbulanceroidAmbulance Rescueroid
Ancient BrainSkull Knight
Ancient ElfMystical Sand
Ancient Gear GolemUltimate Ancient Gear Golem
ArmaillDragoness the Wicked Knight
B-Buster DrakeABC-Dragon Buster
Baby DragonThousand Dragon
Alligator's Sword Dragon
Barrel DragonGatling Dragon
Battle OxRabid Horseman
Battle WarriorZombie Warrior
Beautiful HeadhuntressWarrior of Tradition
BehegonMarine Beast
BerfometChimera the Flying Mythical Beast
Berserkion the Electromagna WarriorImperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot
Big KoalaMaster of Oz
Big Piece GolemMultiple Piece Golem
Black Luster SoldierDragon Master Knight
Black Luster Soldier (Normal)Dragon Master Knight
Blackland Fire DragonSkelgon
Blade SkaterCyber Blader
Blast JugglerCyber Saurus
Blowback DragonGatling Dragon
Blue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue-Winged CrownPunished Eagle
Bottom DwellerDeepsea Shark
Buster BladerBuster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman
Dark Paladin
C-Crush WyvernABC-Dragon Buster
Cannon SoldierLabyrinth Tank
Cave DragonFiend Skull Dragon
Crass ClownBickuribox
Crawling Dragon 2Bracchio-raidus
Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic LordCrimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord
Curse of DragonGaia the Dragon Champion
Curtain of the Dark OnesKamionwizard
Cyber DragonCyber Twin Dragon
Cyber End Dragon
Chimeratech Overdragon
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
Cyber OgreCyber Ogre 2
Cyberdark EdgeCyberdark Dragon
Cyberdark HornCyberdark Dragon
Cyberdark KeelCyberdark Dragon
Dark BladeDark Blade the Dragon Knight
Dark MagicianAmulet Dragon
Dark Flare Knight
Dark Paladin
Dark Magician (Arkana)Dark Paladin
Dark Flare Knight
Amulet Dragon
Dark Magician GirlDark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
Darklord MarieSt. Joan
... further results

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