• "Number 98: Antitopian" is useful for meeting this card's cost, since not only is it easy to Summon, but also because that monster's Graveyard effect is enabled this way.
  • "Trifortressops" is useful for meeting this card's cost, since it is not very useful after warding off the opponent with its effects for 1 turn.


  • DARK monsters with 2000 or more DEF:
 Primary typeTypeStarsATKDEF
Abyss Actor - Evil HeelPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Accel SynchronSynchro MonsterMachine55002100
Acrobatic MagicianPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Ally of Justice Decisive ArmorSynchro MonsterMachine1033003300
Ally of Justice Field MarshalSynchro MonsterMachine929002600
Ally of Justice Thunder ArmorEffect MonsterMachine827002200
Amulet DragonFusion MonsterDragon829002500
Ancient Pixie DragonSynchro MonsterDragon721003000
Anesthrokket DragonEffect MonsterDragon102200
Archfiend Black Skull DragonFusion MonsterDragon932002500
... further results

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