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  • Summon a R-Genex Overseer, and then banish 1 Spell Card in your hand to Special Summon Monoceros. However, keep in mind that the spellcaster-type R-Genex Overseer cannot be resurrected with Monoceros' effect.
  • This card is good for Infernity deck. You can Synchro Summon this card with "Infernity Beast" and "Infernity Beetle". The downside is that you may not have any cards in your hand to discard for Fitzgerald's effect to revive it. On the other hand, Frozen Fitzgerald itself is a great way to ensure that your hand is empty should you have trouble with that.
  • This card works well with an "Ojama" deck, due to easy Summoning of an equal ATK & DEF monster, as well as being able to discard "Ojamagic" to keep it constantly on the field from battle.
"A Cat of Ill Omen"
"Nimble Momonga"
"Nimble Musasabi"
"Playful Possum"
Any "Ojama"
  • Also works well in a Raccoon that runs Junk Synchron since all the Raccoon monsters are lvl 2 beasts.

Traditional Format

  • Use this card with "Card of Safe Return" to add a card to your hand whenever "Frozen Fitzgerald" is destroyed. This can maintain the number of cards in your hand while preventing you from running out of cards to revive "Frozen Fitzgerald" with. This strategy works well when your opponent has more than one monster on their field with higher ATK than "Frozen Fitzgerald".

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