• Useful monsters to remove with this card's effect include:
    • "Barrier Statue of the Torrent": If you want to Special Summon non-WATER monsters, you can do so with this card, but your opponent will not be able to do so.
    • "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier": Again, you can 'turn off' its effect for your turn.
    • "Swap Frog": When "Swap Frog" is Special Summoned back to the field, you can send another Level 2 or lower Aqua-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard.
    • "The Dragon Dwelling in the Deep": With its effect, all of your other monsters will get a 400 ATK boost every turn.
    • "Codarus": If your opponent tries to destroy it you can protect it with this card then send it to the Graveyard for Monster/Spell/Trap removal. This can be more effective than using "Umi" or "A Legendary Ocean" since this card protects it more as an ATK boost is usually inferior for the "one turn removal" effect, although this may not be the case with other cards.
    • "Ameba": This card's effect can only be activated once per visit face-up on the field. Remove, replace and reuse.
  • Use this card in a combination with "Necroface" and "DNA Surgery". You can banish 5 cards from the top of both players Decks each players turn.
  • Because this card's name while on the field is "Umi". This will prevent "Tornado Wall" from being destroyed if your "Umi"/"A Legendary Ocean" is destroyed. Being a Trap, this can surprise an opponent when they try using "Mystical Space Typhoon".
    • You can use "Imperial Custom" with "Forgotten Temple of the Deep" and "Tornado Wall" for more protection.
  • Use this card with "Big Jaws" or similar "Generation Fish" monsters to banish them instead of banishing them permanently.
  • This card combos extremely well with members of the "Mermail" archetype, letting them re-use their effects through Special Summoning them.
    • Further combos with "Underworld Egg Clutch" to provide you with a "Mermail" to discard when you Special Summon a banished "Mermail" during the End Phase.
  • This card lets you protect one of your monster from an opponents attack. Protect your Life Points with the "Tornado Wall" in this case.
  • This cards effect can be chained to every effect that would affect one of your monsters like an opponents "Enemy Controller", "Book of Moon", etc.. It will even save a monster you just Summoned to trigger your own "Torrential Tribute".

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