• This card works well with cards like "Card Destruction" and "Morphing Jar".
    • Particularly, if you have the same or greater amount of cards in your hand when you use "Card Destruction", your opponent will have no hand, while losing DOUBLE the amount of cards for card destruction. This can effectively eliminate up to 1/4 of your opponent's overall deck, putting them at a severe disadvantage.
  • This card works well with "Fabled" monsters. as they are similar in effect to "Dark World" monsters, albeit LIGHT counterparts, with a bigger monster list, and can be combined with "Dark World" cards.
  • This card is also good addition to in a "Dark World" Deck. Every time you discard your Dark World cards from your hand to the Graveyard, your opponent will have to discard the same amount of cards you discarded.
    • In addition, if you are using "Infernity" monsters in your "Dark World Deck" (or an "Infernity" Deck), you'll be able to gain even more advantages over your opponent.
  • Use this card with monsters that have you discard frequently in 1 turn such as "Snipe Hunter" or "Cybernetic Magician". You can also use "Cyber Gymnast" for discarding 1 card to destroy a monster once per turn and you can also use "Gadgets" to replenish your hand.
  • You can use this card with "Beckoning Light" to get LIGHT monsters from your Graveyard (an extra 2 LIGHT monsters if you discarded Thunder Dragon to get the other 2), or "Solar Recharge" for "Lightsworn" monsters.
    • You can even discard Field Spell searcher monsters to get this card to work (rather than use "Terraforming"), such as "Zeradias, Herald of Heaven", "Gravekeeper's Commandant", "Elemental HERO Captain Gold" or "Archfiend General". Like with "Beckoning Light", you will discard cards with these field searchers while making your opponent discard, and get new cards to replace what you discarded (except that you're also thinning your deck instead of reusing your graveyard).
    • Activating "Forced Requisition" is very similar to activating an optional Trigger Effect: you can't activate it (flip it) by sending to the Graveyard a Field Spell searcher monster, because sending the card to the Graveyard isn't the last thing to happen (its add a Field Spell Card to your hand).
  • Combo with "Magical Thorn" to burn your opponent every time you discard.
  • Graveyard Dragon Power decks can be quite powerful with this card, due to the decks' contents.
    • "Spirit Ryu" will strengthen itself while ridding the opponents' hand of a card. This can be crippling if used with "Heart of the Underdog".
    • "Raigeki Break" can be used in tandem with "Forced Requisition" to send two of the opponents' cards to the Graveyard.
    • "Lightning Vortex" would not only annihilate the opponent's monsters, but also force the opponent to discard.
    • "Guarded Treasure" and " Morphing Jar" are both excellent to use with this card, as they both have the potential to dump several Dragons into the Graveyard and wipe out the opponent's hand. "Guarded Treasure" would grant you more draw power as time goes on, whereas "Morphing Jar" will instantly give you five new cards, while at the same time, leaving your opponent with a tiny or nonexistent hand. "Super Rejuvenation" is an excellent addition to this combo, especially if you had fewer Dragons in your hand when "Guarded Treasure" was activated. "Guarded Treasure" and this card is also an excellent combo to use against "Slifer the Sky Dragon" or other decks that rely on "Infinite Cards".
    • "Dragon Ravine" will not only prepare you for the summoning of "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" or "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", but it will also do away with a card in your opponents' hand during each of your Main Phases.
    • If the deck in question is focused on "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", it is highly recommended that this card be used in conjunction with "Trade-In" and "The Melody of Awakening Dragon", since your opponent will be forced to part ways with a card in their hand, while you will be be given two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons", or "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" itself.
    • "Magical Stone Excavation" will force the opponent to discard two cards. This is helpful if you are attempting to reclaim a "Dragon Ravine" or "Lightning Vortex" that you had previously used. If your deck contains some Burn elements(A Red-Eyes Deck would be more appropriate for this), you can use it to add "Inferno Fire Blast", "Dragon's Gunfire", or "Stamping Destruction" to your hand.
    • "Boogie Trap" also requires you to discard two cards, but also allows you to activate a Trap on the same turn that you set it.
    • In the possible event that "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" or "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" is sent to the Graveyard, use "Cards of Consonance" while you control "Genesis Dragon". Your opponent will lose a card from their hand, while you will draw 2 cards, and use "Genesis Dragon" to reclaim your ace Monster, essentially adding 3 cards to your hand. If you have a way to summon "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" from your Graveyard, do so, and tribute it to summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" again.
    • "The Dragon's Bead" will not only waste your opponents' Traps(If they target one of your Dragons), but will also discard a card from their hand.
    • If your opponent controls a monster that endangers your strategy("Buster Blader" being a prime example), activate "Super Polymerization" while you control a Dragon-type Monster, forcing your opponent to discard a card while at the same time, robbing them of a powerful Monster. As such, keep Monsters such as "Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste(If your Extra Deck contains Dragon-type Synchros), Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, "Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion", and "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman" in your Extra Deck. If used with "DNA Surgery" and/or "Dragoncaller Magician", "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman" can potentially OTK your opponent. This tip may be more helpful for a deck specializing in "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", as both it and "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" tend to be more flexible than their LIGHT counterparts.

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