• Attack and destroy the revived monster with "Brain Crusher". You can then Special Summon that monster to your side of the field. (Similar effects, such as those of "Ghost Knight of Jackal" and "Vampire Baby", will also do this. However, these monsters have less ATK.)
  • In a similar manner, this can be used with "Creature Swap", "Invader of the Throne", or any card that takes control of a monster permanently. Temporary effects like "Brain Control" can be used if the monster helps you while in Defense Position -- perhaps by its effect or as Synchro Material.
  • This card helps a lot at Synchro Summons. Use it to bring back a Tuner from your opponent's Graveyard and steal it with "Mind Control", then just use more non-Tuner monsters to gather a Level 7 or 8 Synchro Monsters.
  • This card may be used together with "Gyaku-Gire Panda" and "Ojama Trio" to help fill the field and boost "Gyaku-Gire's" ATK for massive damage by destroying the opponent's Special Summoned monster.
  • Use multiple copies of Foolish Revival to quickly weaken your opponent's "Infernal Incinerator".
  • Play this card if your opponent doesn't control a monster, and you possess one that can't attack directly.
  • If your opponent is using a strategy involving two "Spear Cretin", one which revives the other, wait until your opponent has all Monster Card Zones full and then attack the Spear Cretin. When its effect activates, use this card to bring back a weaker monster, and he/she won't have any room to Special Summon the "Spear Cretin".
    • If the zones aren't all full, you can revive the "Spear Cretin" before your opponent does. Since it will be summoned face-up instead of face-down, it misses out on its effect.
  • Use this card to set up the condition for "Core Blast".
  • When your opponent plans on Special Summoning from the Graveyard for a turnaround attack, use this to summon the targeted monster. Your opponent will still have the monster, but it will be in Defense Position, buying you time to attack it or regain control of the field.
  • During your opponent's turn, use this with "All-Out Attacks" to force a mismatch.
  • Activate this card while you have Kaiser Colosseum on the field. If you control only one monster, your opponent will be unable to summon any monsters except by tributing.
  • Activate this card while "Summoning Curse" is present to force the opponent to lose cards from their hand.
  • This card is useful if you have a monster that deals piercing damage.
  • If you declare an attack , this card will cause a replay . As a result , you may be able to avoid some of your opponent's actions by switching your attack to another target or by canceling it.
  • If your opponent has multiple copies of the card you revived with this "Foolish Revival", and the monster in question has 2000 or less ATK, chain the summoning of it with "Chain Destruction" to wipe out all other copies from their hand and/or deck. This can be particularly devastating against decks that rely on multiple copies in their decks for maximum flexibility, such as "Gadgets", "Gagaga", and "Superheavy Samurai"

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