Card Tips:Five-Headed Dragon

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  • Combo "DNA Surgery" (declaring "Dragon-Type") with "Scapegoat" to allow easy access to Fusion Material Monsters.
    • OR, you can forgo "Scapegoat" in the above combo and use your opponent's monsters if you use "Super Polymerization".
  • If you have Lord of D. on the field Five headed Dragon can't be targeted by spell trap or monster affects.
  • You can use DNA Surgery along with Super Polymerization to summon Five-Headed dragon.(Use DNA surgery to change all monsters on the field to dragon type, then use super polymerization to on either your opponent's or your own monsters to bring out 5-Headed dragon.)(It is also very effective to use your opponent's monsters as fusion materials that way he or she won't have any monsters do defend from a direct attack.

Traditional Format

  • "Dimension Fusion" can be used to Summon the Fusion Material that got banished by "Dragon's Mirror".
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