Card Tips:Five-Headed Dragon

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  • Combo "D. Tribe" or "DNA Surgery" (declaring "Dragon-Type") with "Scapegoat" to allow easy access to Fusion Material Monsters.
    • OR, you can forgo "Scapegoat" in the above combo and use your opponent's monsters, if you use "Super Polymerization".
  • You can use "DNA Surgery" along with "Super Polymerization" to summon "Five-Headed Dragon".(Use DNA Surgery to change all monsters on the field to dragon type, then use "Super Polymerization" to on either your opponent's or your own monsters to bring out "5-Headed Dragon".) (It is also very effective to use your opponent's monsters as fusion materials that way he or she won't have any monsters do defend from a direct attack.)

Traditional Format

  • "Dimension Fusion" can be used to Summon the Fusion Material that got banished by "Dragon's Mirror".

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