• This card's effect can be activated twice with "Limit Reverse".
  • If you run out of other options, retrieve this card from the Graveyard with "The Warrior Returning Alive" and restart the process all over again.
  • Use three of this card in a Zombie deck, along with "Zombie World" and "Everliving Underworld Cannon" to inflict ever bigger damage. Summon, destroy, activate "Zombie World", re-summon with zombie summon cards, "Everliving Underworld Cannon" helps by inflicting extra whenever a Zombie is summoned.
  • Use "Desperate Tag" to reduce the Battle Damage to 0 and Special Summon one "Fire Trooper" from you hand. Then activate its effect to inflict 1000 damage.

Traditional Format

  • You can use "Last Will" after he was summoned and summon another one from your Deck.

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