• You can use the effect of Blazing Hiita to bring this card out. Even if this card is destroyed because Blazing Hiita was removed from the field, it will come back anyways.
  • Use "Circle of the Fire Kings" and 2 copies of this card to perform a loop that can constantly destroy every monster on the field during every turn.
    • Add a copy of "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" to also destroy every Spell and Trap card as well.
      • Finally, add "Kickfire" for a counter every turn (at least). Within 8 turns (including your opponents), and without even having to attack, this will equal 8000 points of damage. (This won't work if you include "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" in the combo, however, as it's effect will destroy "Kickfire".)
  • After Special Summoning this card, activate "The Seal of Orichalcos" to destroy it. During your next Standby Phase, it will Special Summon itself, destroying all monsters on the field in the process, leaving you with a 3200 ATK monster to attack directly with.
  • Use this card with "Safe Zone". This will make "Garunix" invincible, and even if "Safe Zone" is destroyed, the destruction effect of "Garunix" will activate.
  • If this card's Normal Summon is negated and destroyed through "Solemn Judgment", "Solemn Warning" or similar cards, then you can still revive it and destroy all other monsters on the field at the next Standby Phase.
  • When this card has been destroyed and sent to the graveyard, its effect will activate in the next Standby Phase, but only "Solemn Warning" can be activated against it (not "Solemn Judgment"); only negating and not destroying this card, because it is already in the graveyard, thus rendering it unable to get its effect to Special Summon itself again in the next Standby Phase.

Tip for against this card

  • If "The End of Anubis" is on the field, "Fire King High Avatar Garunix" will be unable to Special Summon itself from the Graveyard.
  • "Crimson Blader" is a great counter against this card as your opponent will not be able to Summon Level 5 or higher monsters.
  • You can use "Forbidden Graveyard" in a chain when this card activates it's effect negating "Garunix's" effect and keeping your monsters safe

Traditional Format

Tip for against this card

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