• This card can be used to both bring "Cat's Ear Tribe" to your hand for Summoning, and to boost its ATK up so it can kill monsters with its effect.


 Primary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Abare UshioniEffect MonsterEARTH412001200
Assault BeastEffect MonsterEARTH419001200
Aurkus, Lightsworn DruidEffect MonsterLIGHT312001800
Battle OxNormal MonsterEARTH417001000
Beast-Warrior PumaEffect MonsterLIGHT416001000
Beaver WarriorNormal MonsterEARTH412001500
Boar SoldierEffect MonsterEARTH42000500
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - BearEffect MonsterFIRE416001200
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - BoarEffect MonsterFIRE411001400
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - BuffaloEffect MonsterFIRE417001000
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