• If you use this card's effect to increase its ATK you can still summon the token during the End Phase before this card is destroyed.
  • Use "Heavy Mech Support Platform" to keep this card from being Destroyed and keep the ATK boost.
    • You can use "Roll Out!" to get back the "Heavy Mech Support Platform" and power up this card again (since the ATK boost doesn't end with the turn).
      • With the recent advent of monsters like "Machina Gearframe" and "Machina Peacekeeper", you can keep a steady stream of Union Monsters coming to keep this card supercharged. Also, as "Gearframe" packs 1800 ATK, you can bring it out, attack with both for 5600 damage (or 11,200 if you use "Limiter Removal"), and if your opponent survives the attack, you can then equip "Gearframe" to this card and end the turn with a powerful monster still in play.
  • Use "Stumbling" to summon your tokens in defense mode so they are less vulnerable to attacks on the next turn.
  • This is a great token engine for "Yubel", as the tokens generated are in Attack Mode, so it gives your opponent a large opening to hit your life points with a big beatstick. "Yubel" will get rid of the token and stay alive.
    • Another plus to this strategy, is that "Fiendish Engine" can self-destruct itself to stop generating tokens if "Yubel" is bounced or removed from the field.

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