• This card's Summoning requirements can easily be met in a "Hieratic" or "Hazy Flame" Deck.
    • If running this card in "Hazy Flame", you can use "Hazy Pillar" to provide it with a fourth material, allowing it to use its effect twice.
      • While using a "Hazy Flame" Deck with "Rekindling", Summon this card using three of the five monsters Special Summoned with "Rekindling", detach two to return the other two monsters and the opponent's field, saving your monsters from being banished at the end of the turn and clearing your opponents field for an OTK, as well as giving fodder for "Hazy Flame Peryton"
  • Due to its substantially low ATK value for its requirements, and because you will no longer be able to use its effect after the first activation without external support, you may find it useful to summon "Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger" over this after you have used this card's effect.

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